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We, at SHALU Investments, have an extensive experience in Portugal's real estate market, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements, and using our knowledge and expertise to find the perfect property for them. 

In 2017, having experienced a mid-career epiphany, we left our senior positions in high-tech – and all the associated perks – to pursue a new chapter in life. While seeking a new framework, we discovered a passion for Portugal's culture and climate. As so happened, in that same year, Portugal turned out to be a compelling location to invest in and start a real estate business. This was a result of the residential real estate opportunities that came into existence after the worldwide financial crisis. 


After two years and two highly successful residential real estate projects in Porto, we relocated permanently from Tel Aviv to Portugal - SHALU Investments is the result of that decision.

Now, 5 years later, in the development of the 6th project, we continue to write the next chapter of our family's adventure and SHALU's story. Part of that story is the passion we have for Portugal and the desire to share the wonderful opportunities this country has to offer local families, investors, and second-home buyers who choose to invest or live in one of SHALU Investments' well located and unique portfolio properties. 


About us

Construction crew photography, architecture

SHALU Investments is a premium real estate investment firm with over five years of experience in Portugal's real estate market. Our focus is on mid-to-high-end urban real estate investment properties, prioritizing projects within the greater Porto Metropolitan Area.


With its origins in Aramaic, the word "Shalu" means prosperity, security, and peace. This name reflects our business philosophy throughout the entire life cycle of development, investment, and delivery of units to the end buyer and/or investor. With our development expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market, SHALU Investments is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with an unrivaled level of service and support. 

Raised by a South American developer father, real estate has practically been a part of Itai's DNA. Prior to transitioning into a career in real estate, Itai gained extensive experience in international marketing roles with leading companies such as Coca-Cola (IL) and Mercedes Benz USA. Early in 2012, Itai co-founded and led an event planning startup. In 2014, he joined Google (IL) to lead its B2B marketing team and later joined Viber (Rakuten company) as a senior manager to lead that company's global business development initiatives. 

In 2017, Itai founded SHALU Investments to develop and invest in real estate projects around the Porto area, focusing on the mid to high-end residential sector. The organization continued to grow and following several development projects and successful exits, Dana, his wife and partner in life, joined SHALU Investments to oversee the finance and legal aspects of the business. Itai currently lives with his family in Porto and continues developing residential real estate projects and growing SHALU Investments portfolio along with his partners. 

Itai graduated from Fordham University in New York City, attaining his MBA with distinction in Marketing and Strategy. 



Dana is a senior financial executive with more than twenty years of experience in venture capital finance, global corporate finance and business operations. 

Previously, Dana was a partner at Secondary Prime, an investment banking firm with a focus on secondary transactions. Dana also served as CFO for Israel Secondary Fund and prior to her time with ISF, held several CFO-level positions at various software and startup companies both in Israel and the United States (NYC).


Dana is a seasoned accountant and certified lawyer and earned her BSc in Accounting and Economics and her LLB in Law from Tel Aviv University.



Carlos graduated with an M.A. in Architecture from Universidade Lusiada do Porto, and for the past 14 years has designed, collaborated, and consulted on a variety of domestic and international architecture projects. 

In 2008, Carlos collaborated with the Dutch architecture firm, MK Architects, on numerous projects of varying size and scope and since 2011 he has worked with Build Academy teaching, evaluating, and developing projects all over the world. 

Carlos joined Shalu Investments in 2017 and is responsible for evaluating each of our projects to ensure they are feasible from a technical perspective. The goal is to strike a balance between structural integrity, functionality, and beauty, to guarantee Shalu Investments' clients the highest quality product possible.  



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